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Cheryl Ruth Ann Northup was born the second daughter of Rick and Donna Northup on June 18, 1973 at St Mary's in Minneapolis, Mn.

John Allen Ballek (b. 10 June 1966) and Cheryl were married on June 08, 1991 at the Pleasant Valley Resource Center, the Rev. Ray Ballek officiating, Darien Northup assisting. It was a beautiful hot, sunny day outside with a nice crowd attending. John worked for a while at Grand Forks and they lived there for a time before settling into the Norton house for good in 1993. They have 5 sons; Francis, Mattithiah, Levi, David and Nehemiah, plus one daughter, Rachel. If Cheryl doesn't get me the pertinent data on her family, this page may never get completed. I thought it would be a good idea to have this page link some of the writings that Cheryl has done, which are not extensive, but good reading, nevertheless. It would also be a good page to link to the Shabbat-Shalom Weekly which is John's favorite Jewish news source. John and Cheryl Ballek's page is under construction. Check back soon.

John and Cheryl Ballek Family

Children of John and Cheryl Ballek

Francis Steven Ballek b. 06-15-92 at Rick Northup's house in Puposky, Mn.
Mattithiah Joseph Ballek b. 12-30-1993 at 1223 Norton Av, Bemidji, Mn
Levi Richard Ballek b. 12-06-1995 at 1223 Norton Av, Bemidji, Mn
David Vyron Ballek b. 10-07-1997 at 1223 Norton Av, Bemidji, Mn
Nehemiah Donald Ballek b. 11-21-1999 at North Country Regional Hospital, Bemidji, Mn
Rachael Lynn Irene Ballek b. 12-10-2002 at North Country Regional Hospital, Bemidji, Mn
A current picture of the Balleks

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